I am a Wedding Storyteller: I capture wedding stories in pictures.


Ask any of my High School friends, and they will tell you that Sarah was an artistic, creative and sporty girl.  After graduating in Modern Languages (Spanish and Italian) from The University of Manchester, I found myself living in the fast lane, working in Sales & Trading in the City of London for over 15 years.  

I had always enjoyed taking photographs, but my passion for photography reached new heights when my first child was born.  I found that I simply couldn't take enough pictures of her.  Each moment was so exquisite, and I wanted to be able to cherish these memories forever.

Fast forward to early 2016, with a husband and two delightfully feisty daughters to my belt, when a chance conversation with a friend - who was getting married and looking for a photographer - finally gave me the nudge I needed to pursue my dream.

Yes, I will be a wedding photographer.

So here I am: I feel like I have finally come home.

I believe I was always meant to do this:  Documenting life's exquisite moments for eternity.  Capturing memories to last a lifetime.

I am a Beaconsfield wedding photographer, available for wedding and pre-wedding photography in London, the UK and internationally.  Whether it be family and child portraits, or wedding and engagement photography, I simply love taking beautiful photos!

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.  

I would love to tell your story in pictures.